A meth lab in Suwannee County has led to the arrests of four individuals on different charges that range from aggravated child abuse to the manufacturing of methamphetamine and theft of utilities, according to reports from the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office.

Marcus Cummings, 49, Live Oak; Matthew Shane Leonard, 41, Mayo; Edna Jean Thomas, 32, Live Oak and Steve Cammeron Thomas, 41, Live Oak were arrested and booked into the Suwannee County Jail.

When authorities from the SCSO arrived at a residence on 217th Rd. in Live Oak recently to investigate reports of a meth lab, they were given permission by Edna Thomas to search all items on the property, including the house. Edna Thomas also told authorities that she had recently found drug paraphernalia in the home and advised deputies that a bedroom needed to be checked for drugs.

Based on the information given by Edna Thomas, a search of the bedroom was conducted and some glass pipe packages in a trash can and several baggies with suspected methamphetamine residue in them were found.

According to reports, Edna Thomas also informed deputies that a green bus parked on the property had been used by Steve Thomas and others for cooking methamphetamine. When deputies attempted to conduct a consensual search of the bus, they discovered the door was locked.

A short time later, Leonard, who Edna Thomas identified as a meth cook, arrived. Upon deputies contacting Leonard, he granted them permission to search his person and vehicle. Upon conducting the search of his person, deputies found a meth pipe, listed chemicals to manufacture methamphetamine and baggies with suspected methamphetamine.

Leonard also had a key to the green bus. Reports show that when authorities opened the door to the bus, an immediate odor of chemicals was detected coming from the bus. A search of the bus resulted in the recovery of numerous components used to manufacture methamphetamine, as well as parts to a lab, bottles with tubes in them, something that appeared to be the finished product, baggies with residue, a plate with residue, a gas mask, pills and other items used to manufacture methamphetamine, authorities say.

Reports show that all suspected methamphetamine was tested and yielded a positive result for the presence of methamphetamine.

According to authorities, a daughter of Edna Thomas, who is the step-daughter of Steve Thomas, lives in the home with Steve and Edna Thomas. Authorities deemed the manufacturing and use of methamphetamine around the child placed the child in danger. As a result, Steve and Edna Thomas were arrested for aggravated child abuse.

While on the scene, authorities also discovered that a set of jumper cables were being used to bypass the meter box at the residence and illegally obtain electricity from Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative. Reports show that Cummings freely admitted to hooking up the jumper cables to the meter box to use the power. He told authorities that the power had been cut off due to nonpayment and after trying unsuccessfully to use a generator, he resorted to completing a circuit in the meter box.

Reports show that Cummings was arrested for theft of utilities and Leonard was arrested and faces charges of manufacturing methamphetamine, unlawful possession of listed chemicals and possession of methamphetamine. Edna Thomas faces a charge of aggravated child abuse and Steve Thomas faces charges of aggravated child abuse, possession of a controlled substance, manufacturing a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Cummings and Leonard were arrested Nov. 11. Edna and Steve Thomas were arrested Nov. 21.

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