BRANFORD — Nash Turley will be the guest speaker at the Sparkleberry Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society’s meeting next week.

The local chapter meets Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Hatch Park Community Center at 403 SE Craven Street in Branford.

Turley will address the group about the Lawn to Wildflowers project, a public science project to turn grass lawns into pollinator-friendly wildflower habitats.

According to a release, through the public participation project that has the general public conducting the research, a movement is growing to turn the places people live into being more beautiful and more environmentally friendly.

Through the process, people also learn how to best create habitats that promote native biodiversity, the release states.

The project’s three goals are:

  • To enable people throughout the country to convert grass lawns to native wildflowers,
  • To provide a fun and easy-to-use mobile app and online tools to learn about and identify native bees,
  • To create a platform for data collection about the effectiveness of lawn-to-wildflower plots.

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