The key to the success and longevity of Cheek and Scott Drugs is quite simple.

Jeff Scott, the owner and president of the company after purchasing it from his father, T. Allison Scott, who helped found the company, said the credit all goes to God.

“I believe that God is the source of the blessing in our business,” Scott said as Cheek and Scott is in its 54th year of serving Live Oak and Suwannee County and has also expanded into Jasper two years ago and is about to have a new location in Lake City after renting a space the past 10 years. “I believe he sent consultants and great people to work here, to give us some valuable knowledge and help us with our processes.

“The answer to the question really is God has blessed what we’ve done and without that, we’d be a mess. But he’s sent great people and we’ve continued to try and learn and that’s allowed us to continue to grow.”

With those blessings, Scott also said that thirst for knowledge and learning has also been paramount. He and his staff partake in a video training series, whether it be weekly or monthly, in order to increase their knowledge and ability to serve their customers.

That ambition to constantly learn came in part when Scott began reading about Colgate Holmes, who founded The Ritz-Carlton and believed in employee empowerment and employee training.

Following that lead, in addition to trainings, Scott also gave employees a set limit that they could, without question, use to fix any issue a customer had.

“(A consultant) wanted us to figure our what our culture and our mission and our vision was,” Scott said. “And that sounds pretty simple.

“But when we realized what it was, and everybody started to get ahold of it, it really allowed us to have better morale and take care of our customers better. Because why are we here?”

That improvement in customer service included expansion of services. In addition to filling prescriptions, Cheek and Scott also performs various testings and screenings as well as immunizations, including travel consultations where they’ll also discuss the culture and dangers of a particular county as well as providing the immunizations for people traveling internationally to those locations.

Scott said another way the pharmacy has better served its customers is through its “Right on Time” prescription scheduling where a person’s medications are synced to be ready all at the same time every month.

The company also meets with customers one on one, at the encouragement of insurance companies, in order to get medications straightened out in an effort to keep them out of the hospital.

It’s just another way Scott said of giving back to the community that has supported him so well and that he loves so much.

“I love our community,” he said. “I have enjoyed the small town aspect of being able to take care of people, knowing people by their names.

“I just love our community and I feel really blessed that our community has appreciated us giving them services so we could be successful.”

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