McALPIN — There was a wide range of fun activities for both children and adults at the McAlpin Family Fun Day last weekend.

The annual fun day, which is hosted by the McAlpin Community Club, was held Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. with concessions being sold throughout the event to keep those in attendance fed and hydrated, along with bounce houses and water slides for the children to cool off on.

The Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office had its own booth set up to give away goodie bags to the children, and informational packets for the adults and parents of the children. Informational packets included papers on drug awareness and helpful information provided by the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Sam St. John was in attendance and could be seen reaching out to community members to share in the fun festivities.

The car show that was featured at McAlpin’s Family Fun Day was a huge success, and attracted many people to walk to their side of the festival for several admirations of the perfectly shined antique automobiles. When the votes came in later that day, the winners were announced with Charles Taylor and his Plymouth in fourth place, Lex Suber and his ’70 Chevelle in third place, Gary Walker and his ’40 Chevrolet in second place and Cheri Copeland with her ’70 Barracuda won first place.

There was also plenty of fun to be had on the opposite side of the Family Fun Day, where Mystic Jungle Educational Facility had its own area filled with exotic animals set up. Children, youth and adults alike spent ample time with Mystic Jungle learning about their entourage of exotics. From the Madagascar roaches, to the prairie dogs, snakes and ferrets. You could hear the echoes of “Chemo” from all over the park. Chemo is one of the many exotic and beautiful birds that are housed at Mystic Jungle, to which you could find her sitting on her perch under the canopy, or on owner Mark Chaples' shoulder.

Ricky Gamble, the chairman of the Suwannee County Board of County Commissioners, walked under the canopy and began talking to Chemo, and stood there as she reached her talons out and stepped onto his arm, then proceeded to climb onto his shoulder to which she happily stayed for half an hour. Plenty of kids got a good laugh out of him attempting to talk Chemo into climbing off, which she refused, and eventually stayed perched on his shoulder until Chaples coaxed her onto his own.

The McAlpin Community Club gave special thanks to Eddie Hand, with Suwannee County Fire Rescue, Wendell Feagle, with the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office, and Gamble for their help in making the McAlpin’s Annual Family Fun Day a success.

Special thanks were also expressed to the community for their attendance and support, along with the Sheriff’s Office and Fire Rescue for their attendance in ensuring that the community was safe and taken care of to make this event fun for all who attended.

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