LOUISVILLE — As President Donald Trump addressed over 1,000 veterans and their family members at the AMVETS 75th National Convention on Wednesday, some veterans instead gathered outside of the Galt House in protest.

Unlike those on the inside, these veterans were instead showing their disapproval of the president and his actions.

"One of the biggest reasons we're out here today is we honestly feel like the president's conduct, tweets and language he's using is conduct unbecoming of a Commander in Chief," Ginger Wallace said. "Those of us that have served on active duty would not have lasted a day using his kind of rhetoric and insults, and just the way he leads."

Wallace, who was holding a sign reading "veterans against Trump" said that her biggest problem with Trump is his failure to uphold the Constitution and defend American democracy. She also got more specific with some of her criticism.

"Those are some of the main reasons I'm out here, not to mention the human rights issues with separating children from their parents, locking people in cages, and making it more difficult for people to seek asylum in this country," she added. "The cruelty of some of the policies this administration has put in place is too much, and it's not what I spent 27 years of my life defending. The administration's policies I see put in place is not the America that I know and love. I still love it, but we're out here doing our part to try to change it."

Standing with Wallace was Army veteran Janet Holliday, who spent over 30 years serving. In that time, Holliday said she swore to uphold the Constitution. Trump, she said, "spits on the Constitution" on a daily basis.

"It's embarrassing," Holliday said. "We were held to a high standard, and we want our leaders to be held to the same standard. I don't know how he can look himself in the mirror everyday and think he's the Commander in Chief of a military that's held to a standard so much higher than he is. We're just out here to let people know that not all veterans and not all active duty support him, and we are tired of being used as props for his agenda."

Fellow veteran Joseph Peterson said that the president's negative rhetoric is "nonstop."

"His latest attack is on Jewish people," Peterson said. "If they happen to vote Democrat, all of a sudden they're not showing any loyalty. Loyalty to who? We don't take loyalty tests in this country."

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