Man confesses to shooting shadow

Bryan Williams

LIZTON, Indiana -- A Lizton man arrested Friday on methamphetamine charges confessed to police that he killed a "shadow" person with a shotgun in the 2000s, according to court records.

Shadow people are prevalent in folklore as shadowy figures who are sometimes perceived as supernatural humans. Psychologists have said that meth addicts sometimes report seeing shadow figures after long periods of sleep deprivation.

Early Friday afternoon, police stopped a truck driven by Bryan Lee Williams, 52, Lizton, after two witnesses called 911 to say he was driving erratically and had nearly hit other drivers head-on.

One witness shot a video of Williams driving a truck pulling a trailer, stopping at a gas station and staggering to the door, then returning to the truck to drive away, police said.

Williams insisted that a police dog did not sniff drugs in his truck because the dog, Anya, “could not catch a squirrel with its a**,” and complained that he had been illegally stopped.

He told officers that he would buy a semiautomatic rifle when he got out of jail and shoot the next person who pulled him over, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Lebanon, Indiana, Police Patrolman James Koontz asked Williams to blow into a portable breath test device, and Williams asked how old Koontz was.

“I told Bryan I was 32 years old, and he told me that he had been blowing in PBTs since before I was born,” Koontz wrote in his report. “I did not have to give Bryan instructions at this point, due to Bryan’s experience.”

Williams was not under the influence of alcohol, but blood tests revealed that he had been driving with the following substances in his system, according to court records: marijuana, meth, amphetamine and benzodiazepine.

Williams cursed at and fought with police inside and outside of Witham Hospital in Lebanon, according to court records.

While awaiting medical treatment, Williams told police he killed a shadow person who was a nice guy in the 2000s and had felt bad about it, Koontz reported.

“He stated that he had shot the person with a 12-gauge shotgun but did not go into any additional details about the event,” Koontz said.

In the Friday arrest, officers found less than one gram of powdered meth in the back seat of Williams’ truck and a “white crystal rock” loose on the front passenger seat Friday, police reported.

Williams is being held in the Boone County Jail in lieu of bond and scheduled for an April trial on related drug, driving and resisting law enforcement charges.

He's also facing charges of intimidation and battery from an October arrest, when he reportedly threatened a man and a woman who were buying a recreational vehicle from him.

Police allege that Williams drew a borrowed gun from a homemade holster strapped to his pants, and the man wrestled him to the ground outside the RV, according to court records.

Williams was previously convicted of battery and resisting law enforcement in Boone County.

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