Kye Sook Koon was seriously injured Thursday when she lost control of her vehicle attempting to avoid a deer that ran in front of her near her home. Koon said she was startled when the deer appeared and she swerved her 1999 Ford utility vehicle. She was driving on 260th Street less than a mile east of 21st Road.

According to Kye Sook she flipped three times. She had her seat belt secured, and when she smelled gas she unfastened the seat belt and crawled out of a broken window, and was lying in the ditch when a passerby noticed the wrecked vehicle and the victim.

Kye Sook was flown by helicopter to the Trauma Center in Gainesville. She was later sent to the Orthopedic Center when she underwent surgery for a severely injured right hand. She sustained other abrasion from broken glass.

On Tuesday morning her husband Cecil Koon said she was back at the Orthopedic Center on Monday and she appeared to be healing well. "She's real sore and experiencing pain." said Cecil

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