By George Petrena


Diane Walker, spoke at the Branford Town Council meeting Tuesday evening, asking for a donation to assist the scholarship program.

She explained that Miss Suwannee River Valley of North Florida is a new pageant that provides scholarship money for the contestant winners.

She said we hope to provide $1-3,000 the first year. “It takes a lot of money for a pageant, the contestant winner must attend Florida orientation for a week, and there are costs for professional photographers and it goes on and on. Our books are open and anyone can see them. We would like to ask you for $3-5,000.”

Branford Town Council President Joe Cannon stated the council has not allowed money in the budget for pageants. He said, “We could look to see if we can give, but we couldn’t give any more than we have in the past. We need to get with our accountant and auditor to see if we can.” Councilwoman Shirley Clark expressed an interest to check and see if the council could give $1,000.

Cannon questioned “Are we getting our $1,000 out of it?”

Clark indicated that Branford is becoming better known through the pageant.

Mayor Don Owens said, “This is a new beginning and I suggest we help them.”

When it was all said and done, the final decision will be made at the December meeting as to whether or not the town can afford to give $1,000 to the Miss Suwannee River Valley Pageant.

Robin Alred, co executive director, was also present at the meeting.

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