December 12, 2013

LHS FFA gears up for sub-districts

December 12, 2013 Joyce Marie Taylor Suwannee Democrat

Mayo — Seven members of the Lafayette High School FFA (Future Farmers of America) Senior Parliamentary Procedure team, along with their advisor Chad Lyons, made an appearance at the Rotary Club of Mayo on Wednesday, Dec. 4, to do a practice session to the delight of the large audience of Rotarians in attendance.

After a delicious meal of lasagne, sausage, mixed salad, rolls and yummy Divinity, the team prepared for their entrance up to the mock stage at the Florida Farm Bureau Insurance meeting room where the luncheon was held.

Lyons thanked the Rotarians for allowing the team to practice in front of them and said, “I think this is the largest crowd we’ve seen in the few times we’ve been here. It’s good to see Rotary in full swing.”

A total of nine LHS seniors are competing for a spot on the senior parl pro team and Lyons said he has not yet decided who the final six starting members will be for the upcoming sub-district competition in Bell, where the Lafayette team will compete against Bell, Trenton and Cross City.

“I have a huge task in front of me to determine who’s the best six,” said Lyons. “All nine of them have competed at State and it’s just a good group of kids.”

There are currently about 150 students at LHS who are members of FFA and about 11 separate teams will be competing at the sub-district competition.

At the Rotary practice session, team member Cory Murray served as moderator for the parl pro team, and aside from one small slip of the gavel, he did an excellent job. The other five girls on the team performed well as they followed the rules of the game according to strict parliamentary procedures, and they did it all in less than 10 minutes and 30 seconds. During formal competitions, there is a written and oral test that follows the Parl Pro portion of the event, Lyons explained.

If the team is successful at sub-district, they will advance to the district competition in Fort White at the end of January.

“The next couple months are real busy for us,” said Lyons. “If you would, remember us in your thoughts and prayers as we compete and travel across the state.”

Lyons took a moment to brag on a former student by the name of Logan Luse, who is currently serving as Florida FFA State Vice President and he thanked the Rotary members for the financial support they recently offered Luse.

“He is having a tremendous time being a State Officer and I hope you also noticed that he has grown up a lot,” said Lyons. “This is an excellent experience for him. Wherever he goes, Lafayette County is being showcased, so that’s something to be proud of and something we hope to continue in the future.”

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