May 9, 2014

The Democrat Says: Do newspaper endorsements matter?

May 9, 2014 Suwannee Democrat

Live Oak —

What’s the point of endorsing one candidate over another for office? Surely in this golden age of digital and information overload your local newspaper isn’t the only place you learn about candidates. So why do we do it? 

We endorse local, state and national candidates because we believe in this thing called the democratic process and we take it very seriously. 

Editorial endorsements are really what journalism is all about, which is citizen debate.

We open up our newspaper pages to you to voice your stance on issues year round. Your local newspaper is the primary source of preelection information and we see this as a humbling experience. 

We constantly write and editorialize about our elected officials and other issues and we are an integral part of this community. We believe we know a thing or two on local issues and want to give you a credible recommendation. We are proud to be part of the process. 

You will find that candidate endorsements are nothing new, and they won’t be going away anytime soon. They have been around for well over a century. Almost 154 years ago, a political endorsement was published by the New York Times on Oct. 11, 1860, for “A Mr. Lincoln, of Illinois, familiarly known as ‘Old Abe’, age 51, height six feet seven, by profession Rail-Splitter, is to be our next President. The thing seems pretty sure.”

Our recommendations are just that, recommendations. We hope you do your homework and use our endorsements as a starting point when making your decision on which candidate to vote for.

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