August 23, 2013

FAQ about ad valorem taxes

Suwannee County Property Appraiser: “Mobile home owners pay taxes, too.”

August 23, 2013 Bryant Thigpen Suwannee Democrat


Live Oak — Mobile home owners must register with state

When a person registers a piece of property that includes a mobile home, they are given a black decal to place in a window if they are the owner of both the land and home. The sticker will contain the letters, “RP,” which according to Jordan, it means the property is being assessed as “real property.”

The RP decal is a permanent decal, rather than renewing annually.

If the decal contains an expiration date, it signifies the home is not listed on real estate because they don’t own the land the mobile home sits on. The individual must renew the decal yearly, which expires Dec. 31 of each year.

If the mobile home owner does not own the property, they are required by Florida state law to register their home.

“A mobile home is registered much like a vehicle,” Jordan said. “When a person builds a home, they have to go through the process of obtaining building permits. The decal for a mobile home lets us know the home has been properly registered with the state.”

The fee for a yearly mobile home decal is determined by the length of the mobile home. The fees are regulated by the state of Florida.

According to the Florida Statutes, when a decal is renewed, $3 of the money collected is retained by the tax collector’s office. The remaining balance is then sent to the state government to disperse. The state will collect a percentage of the funds and then distribute the remaining balance to the respective government municipalities.

If a person lives in the county, the state will distribute a portion of the funds to Suwannee County and to the Suwannee County School System. If one lives within the city limits of Live Oak, the city will collect a portion of the fee, as well as the school system. If one lives in the Town of Branford, the state will disperse funds to the Town of Branford and to the school system.


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