August 23, 2013

FAQ about ad valorem taxes

Suwannee County Property Appraiser: “Mobile home owners pay taxes, too.”

August 23, 2013 Bryant Thigpen Suwannee Democrat


Live Oak — 1. A homestead property that has an assessment of less than $25,000 is not required to pay the taxes.

2. Individuals who qualify as a fully disabled service-connected veteran would be exempt from paying ad valorem taxes.

3. Also, if a person is confined to a wheel chair and meets the low income requirements, they would qualify for ad valorem tax exemption.

How is a home assessed?

“A mobile home is assessed by square feet just like a site built home,” Jenkins said. “It all depends on the condition and quality of the home.”

Jenkins said when appraising a home, several factors are used to determine the final appraised value of the property.

One of the elements in determining the overall value is the characteristics or “features” of the home, Jenkins said.

“If a home has an A roof, or whether it has just a flat roof, all of that is taken into consideration when assessing the property,” Jenkins said. “We look at what it would cost to replace those features.”

The quality of the home is also taken into consideration.

“Whether it’s a red brick home or paneled, the quality and the way it was constructed is factored in,” said Jenkins.
 The material that is used to construct the home and the appearance of it is also used to determine the value.

Jenkins said the base rate for taxes is lower on a mobile home, but that is attributed to the cost to build. A mobile home and site built house can have the same square footage, but the cost to build could be different based on the quality of material.

“Your mobile homes for the most part are going to be smaller in size than your site built homes,” Jenkins said. “And since the homes are appraised by the cost to build, mobile homes are typically going to be less.”

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