February 18, 2014

City of Live Oak committee: Remove ‘use it or lose it’ policy regarding paid time off

February 18, 2014 Bryant Thigpen CNHI

Live Oak —

The Live Oak City Administration and Finance Committee agreed Friday at a special called meeting to remove the “use it or lose it” policy regarding paid time off (PTO). The committee’s recommendation, proposed by City Administrator Kerry Waldron, will now go before the Live Oak City Council for a final decision. If passed, city employees will be able to accrue paid time off without a cap. However, if an employee is terminated or leaves the city for any reason, the individual will be paid a percentage of their accrued time based on their completed years of service.

At a city council meeting in December of 2013, councilors voted 3-2 to place a moratorium on the “use it or lose it” policy for 90 days for further discussion. 

According to the city’s PTO policy, for a city employee who works 40 hours per week, the caps for PTO are: 0-1 year, 136 hours; 2-9 years, 176 hours; 10-19 years, 216 hours; 20-30 years, 256 hours; and 31 plus years, 288 hours.  

For a city fireman who works 53 hours per week, the caps for PTO are: 0-1 year, 215 hours; 2-9 years, 303 hours; 10-19 years, 391 hours; 20-30 years, 479 hours; and 31 plus years, 567 hours.  

Waldron presented the committee with a recommendation.

“(Finance Director Jan Parkhurst) and I have met a couple of times to discuss what might be some potential solutions to our PTO policy,” Waldron said. “We’ve also met with the auditors to discuss with them our thoughts.”

While employed by the city

Waldron said the current policy states that a person can accrue PTO time based upon completed years of service with the city of Live Oak with a cap on the number of hours that can be accrued. 

“If someone has exceeded that cap, the city allows you to until Jan. 31 to use that time and bring it below the cap, if not you lose that time,” Waldron said. 

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