February 15, 2013

Branford Town Council meeting

February roundup

February 15, 2013 Andrew McGee Suwannee Democrat


Branford — Fire department report  

Branford Fireman Terry Burgess opened with remembering the tragic fire recently at Branford Villas. He said that it went as best as it could have. Under the circumstances, he said it could have been much worse.

“Being able to contain it to mainly that one apartment,” said Burgess. “With the roof damage, not including the smoke and water damage, we got real lucky on that.”

Councilwoman Shirley Clark brought up that she wasn’t sure, but thought that Branford Fire Department wasn’t mentioned in the paper that they were present and helping to contain and put out the fire. She wanted to personally thank him and the men for their service to the town. Burgess said that the online article did mention them.

Burgess wanted to let council know that they were thankful to Hardee’s and McDonald’s for contributing food to the firemen during that time as they were dealing with the fire for several hours.

Heritage House update

Clark said that they will be using the Heritage House soon but she’s not sure on the date of the event. She’s leaning towards April 19, but that date could change at some point.

“We talked to Tallahassee and some various people to have this event,” said Clark. “Were working on that.”


Clerk report

Town Clerk Donna Hardin was up next and wanted to let everyone know that the town had been awarded a grant.

“Today we signed the agreement where we got awarded the CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) that we applied for,” said Hardin.

She also mentioned returning from Lake Mary where she attended what she called her first, “out of my normal conference schedule board meeting” for the Florida Association of City Clerk’s as the northeast director.

“That went well and we are finally starting our budgets to where we’re not as far in the red as we were when we were an association,” said Hardin. “I thank the council for allowing me to serve as the northeast director and represent this area.”

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