Suwannee Democrat

January 7, 2014

Suwannee County to retain part of former Suwannee Landing property

No plans to sell property, says county administrator

Bryant Thigpen
Suwannee Democrat

Live Oak —

Part of Suwannee Landing property will be retained by the county following settlement of a lawsuit and will not be sold at this time, according to County Administrator Randy Harris.

When Third Circuit Judge David Fina rendered his judgment on Aug. 23, he ordered the county to pay $2.75 million to TSS Development, former owner of Suwannee Landing property, for breaching a development agreement. Fina also ordered the county to pay TSS Development $68,145 for 19.47 acres that was conveyed to the county by the developer. 

In 2006, TSS Development entered into an agreement to develop the county’s property into an upscale flying community. In their developing efforts, TSS Development owner Fred Treadway deeded 19.74 acres to the county for the purpose of this project. 

In February of 2007, construction began on the project formerly known as Suwannee Landing. The world-class amenities were designed to include an exercise facility, swimming pool, community room and nature trails. At least 114 of the 250 plus homes that would have been built would have had hangars to accommodate plane owners. Pilots would have easy access so they could taxi onto the Suwannee County Airport runway just west of the airpark, commonly known as a “through-the-fence” agreement.

The county first agreed with this project in the first stages of its development, but later withdrew their support after being informed that the Federal Aviation Administration ruled that allowing use of the county airport for such use was “in conflict with (FAA statutes).” Although the FAA would not stop the county from allowing Suwannee Landing residents to use the runway, it would, however, withhold federal airport funds from the county should it proceed with its current agreement with TSS. 

When the county refused to move forward with TSS, it put the project at a standstill and later evolved into a lawsuit from TSS. After several years in the court system, the case was resolved August 2013. 

The 19.47 acres previously deeded to the county will remain in the county’s hands for now and as part of the Suwannee County Airport.