June 28, 2013

Rant & Rave - June 28, 2013

June 28, 2013 Suwannee Democrat


Live Oak — ****

What is going on Scarborough? You let another person(Campbell@SMS) leave- Shame on you. You are killing our schools. It's time for you to GO our Suwannee County Schools will be even worst off then they are now. Why are people leaving the County office, schools etc? Wake up Suwannee our schools are in major trouble


I was so impressed with the presentation from community members about the inadequate representation of minority employees in our schools. Thank you for bringing this to the attention of our leaders and the rest of the community. I hope the superintendent and the board make hiring black teachers and principals a priority as they voiced after the presentations.


How insulted were many members of the audience at the school board meeting every time the board chairman spoke?? VERY! Even the comments from the superintendent and other board members were positive as were the presentations from concerned citizens. The board chair told the audience they they lack decorum and real concern about their children. School grades are the chair's only concern. That's sad. Children should be your passion, sir.


Thank you to the young men wearing the green vest working daily with their weed eaters and blowers to make Live Oak beautiful not just downtown but in all areas of Live Oak. Your hard work is appreciated.


Now after the supreme court has voted down the voting rights act of the 6o,s can our county go to county wide voting that over 70% of the voters ask for.


American's Wake up and get a clue. Cannabis is a medical herb. Used for centuries to heal the sick and dieing.Due diligence!Search for information On Cannabis and the benefits.Stop believing the propaganda and lie's told by the government.Visit Norml.org or flcan.org to get all the latest news on legalizing.let's legalize Cannabis and stop putting patients in prison.

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