Suwannee Democrat

February 8, 2013

Opinion: The Democrat Says

Suwannee Democrat

Live Oak — 
This is an open letter to the Suwannee County Commission, Live Oak City Council, Community Redevelopment Agency, Chamber of Commerce, Live Oak Partnership and downtown businesses. 

There are many more agencies, organizations, partnerships, societies, etc., etc., etc. working for the betterment of our local society, too many to name. A lot of those specializing in helping the city of Live Oak. 
We are thankful for those that want to help make a difference. We just believe that there may be overkill in play.

When you have more than one agency working toward the same common goal, chances are that moving forward tends to stall. Too many stirring the pot, if you will. 

There have been hundreds of meetings in 2012 alone, be it committees meeting to discuss an event, the CRA discussing downtown redevelopment or the city council holding a regular meeting. The point is, we can’t see much evidence of progress.

Sure there are festivals and events, more so than ever. But what happens when those end? Not much. 

And yes, Chamber, thank you for helping us get Klausner here. Without your efforts, it wouldn’t have been possible. But what’s next?

There are some folks in the community that are hitting the streets trying to get things done. 
One is Live Oak Councilman Keith Mixon. He can be seen literally walking the streets of downtown Live Oak most days talking to businesses and community members.

Keith wants to bring monthly downtown street parties that will help local businesses and provide entertainment for us. 
Thanks, Keith. 


Tell us what you would like to see happen in downtown Live Oak. What are your concerns? We would love to hear from you for possible publication, or to just share with local officials.

And have you thought of extending operation hours to include some nights and weekends?

Let’s wake Live Oak up. Let’s see some action.

On a side note, the Question of the Week for the next several weeks will be focused on downtown Live Oak; business, parking, entertainment, etc., beginning with this week’s. If you have a Question of the Week you would like to submit for consideration, please email to