April 23, 2014

Major flooding on CR 416 in SE Lafayette County keeps crews busy

April 23, 2014 Joyce Marie Taylor Suwannee Democrat

Mayo — County Road 416 in the southeast portion of Lafayette County off US 27 is experiencing major flooding issues as the ditches have become overwhelmed with lots of water flowing north from the swamps and lakes that sit to the south of the area.

Large chunks of asphalt ditch along CR 416 have been breaking away and the ditch keeps getting wider and wider as the water seeks a path to the Suwannee River. A power pole along the ditch that was threatening to topple over had to be replaced by electrical crews.

Department of Transportation crews have been out digging sand and mud from the ditch with a huge backhoe, in an effort to make more room for the massive amounts of flowing water, and to help prevent nearby residences from getting flooded. Major rehab work will be required to correct the problem, according to county officials.

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