Suwannee Democrat

April 11, 2013

Burton’s gypsy wagon crusades through HamCo

Joyce Marie Taylor
Suwannee Democrat

Jasper — Hamilton County resident Bob Burton has been taking his crusade against regional forms of government on the road with his gypsy wagon loaded with informative documents in an attempt to educate the public about what he believes to be illegal and unconstitutional actions by national and multi-national corporations who are taking over the country. The difficulty in his crusade is that it is so far-reaching and goes back so many years that most people can’t comprehend or understand all the implications and ramifications, he says.

Burton was the subject of a raid by Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) agents in January, 2011 and then arrested five months later, charged with illegal wiretapping of a phone conversation with a state legislative aide as they reportedly discussed illegal activities of high-ranking state officials. The case was thrown out January, 2013, and Burton was released from prosecution. Since then, Burton was able to get back some of the items that were seized in the raid, including his video camera and computer, however, he states many of his computer files have been corrupted with virus worms and he can’t open them.

On Burton’s Facebook page he remarks, “Those documents I can’t open are Writ of Prohibition, Writ of Mandamus, Cancellatura, Notice of Disfranchisement, etc. There are hundreds more including my book. All of my footage is blocked. This is my governmental, political, as well as our woodworking history and portfolio. I will call FDLE ... and see if they will unlock it. If not, it is definite ‘Theft Under Color of Law’, as well as ‘exceeding the warrant.’”

Burton has been on the agenda at the county commission meetings for the last couple of months and has spoken about criminal and civil immunity of Hamilton County Economic Development partners. He has also been e-mailing the commissioners with his investigative findings, asking them to read and understand how regional forms of government are unconstitutional.

On April 2, Burton’s gypsy wagon was parked across the street from the county courthouse where inside he was about to address the commissioners at their bi-monthly meeting.

“I am very concerned that our state agencies are being recruited to carry out missions of international law here on the residents of Hamilton County,” Burton told the board. “I was present where 34 men with machine guns, full combat gear, came out and extracted a nine-year-old and an 11-year-old from a house and took family photos out of the home. That’s crossing over into the law enforcement issue of things.”

Burton was speaking about yet another Feb. 27, 2013 raid by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Florida Department of State at the home of a man, who was charged with removal of artifacts from state lands/waterways. That investigation is still ongoing.

Decisions that the governmental body (the county commissioners) are making, Burton said, are benefiting these same multi-national corporations that are lobbying our state agencies and enlisting them to be, literally, troops to carry out their global development and governance nations’ agendas.

With this new Klausner coming in (in Suwannee County), that’s going to be wonderful for jobs, but myself, coming out of the timber industry, I would be horrified to see this big multi-national corporation coming in with the government that I have to pay taxes into funding its operations.”

Klausner Lumber One is supposed to be coming to Suwannee County soon. Burton said the Hamilton County Economic Development Council is also working with Klausner. 

“What will happen, there will be no more mom and pop sawmills around like my dad and I built machinery systems for, for decades,” he said.

Meanwhile Burton and his wife continue to try to make a living in their carpentry business and Burton said he will continue to send the commissioners more information.