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November 12, 2012

Live Oak City Council meeting agenda - Nov. 13, 2012

Suwannee Democrat

Live Oak — Tuesday November 13, 2012 6:30 P.M.

1. Invocation

2. Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag

3. Approval of the October 9th Administrative and Finance Committee meeting, the

October 9th Regular Council meeting and the October 11th and 18th Emergency

Called Council meetings.

4. Mayor Garth R. Nobles, Jr. – Matters of the City

1) Proclamation declaring November, 2012 as Pulmonary Hypertension

Awareness Month

2) Recommend Joni Kelly be granted permanent status. (date of employment-

October 3, 2011) Mrs. Kelly is currently on maternity leave.

3) Request Council to affirm that Lynn Touchton has been approved to work 31

hours as per the budget approved by Council.

4) Recommend "release" of lien for the C. C. Curry property on Irvin Street. Lien is

in the name of Beverly Curry Jones. Affidavit of

Compliance) [Code Officer Lynn Touchton, Mr. Erny Sellers to address Council

on this matter].

5) Council consideration of budget amendment. First reading of Ordinance 1329

[Finance Director, Jan Parkhurst

6) Council consideration of Inter-local Agreement with Suwannee County for

"commercial building inspection" and "plans review" if needed [This proposal may have to be amended to include Residential


7) Council to consider replacing Bailey Browning, Planning and Zoning Board

Attorney, who resigned due to his election to Judgeship in Madison County.

8) Council to consider Water Tank Maintenance Contract with Utility Service Co.,

Inc.; (presented for action by Brent Whitman, Public Works;

contract reviewed and approved as to form and legality by Mr. Sellers)

9) Council to consider action for the repair of Live Oak Fire Department ladder

truck. Chief Chad Croft

10) Recommend replacing Stephanie Copeland, who served as secretary to Roy,

George and Lynn. She was terminated on October 19, 2012 for Policy

infractions. Council approved this position for 24 hours a week.

11) Recommend approval of the Fixed Asset Surplus Request for Police

Department – Chief Williams

12) Council to consider Agreement between the City of Live Oak and the

Department of Economic Opportunity. Shannon Ventry:

Shannon expressed in her email to me that there may be an updated Exhibit B.

This will be relayed to you if it is received before the Agenda Packet goes out. If

not, it will be provided at the meeting

5. Councilman Jacob Grantham – Fire Department Matters

1) Discussion on employee time clock

6. Councilman Keith Mixon– Matters of the Law Enforcement Committee

1) Discussion with possible Council action regarding OMI contract for Public


7. Councilman Bennie Thomas – Matters of the Gas, Water and Sewer Committee

1) Discussion with possible council action regarding the PTO payout for Robert


8. Councilman John Yulee – Matters of Street Department

1) Update on service by Todd Hunt with OMI

9. Councilman Adam Prins – Matters pertaining to Administrative and Finance


1) Discussion, with possible Council action, regarding nominations for Redistricting


2) Discussion, with possible Council action, regarding formation of a Charter

Review Committee

3) Discussion, with possible Council action, regarding Ordinance No. 1324 which

the Mayor refused to approve and sign

10.Public Comments

11.Meeting Recessed