I'm sure everyone in Suwannee County has heard the voice of Wayne Littrell. Littrell did the color commentary for Bulldog football on WQHL for four years until 1993. He left for three years, came back in 1997 and did the play-by-play for the Dogs on Big 98 until 2000. Now you can hear Littrell every morning from 6 a.m. until 10 a.m. on WLVO, 106.1 with his partner Deborah Murrey.

If you missed Littrell doing the play-by-play for the Bulldogs, maybe you've heard him since doing the Game of the Week at his new radio home and hangout WLVO. Littrell has become the voice of the Hamilton County Trojans, the Branford Bucaneers and the Mayo Hornets. He chooses what he feels is the most important game of the week and does live play-by-play for that game. Littrell is happy in his work. He said he loves what he does.

"I don't get paid a lot but I enjoy what I do," Littrell said. "I love rock and roll, and I love sports."

Every morning Littrell does a sports show called "Sports for Now." He's been doing it since 1986 with material he compiles. The show airs at 8:35 a.m. weekdays. You may want to listen in. Littrell adds his own special flavor and his own brand of humor to make the show a must-catch for every sports fan.

Littrell does not end his day at 10 a.m. With the end of his morning show, he turns into the Field Supervisor for Suwannee Department of Parks and Recreation. If there is a Little League, Rec. Department sport going on, Littrell is sure to be on the scene. Except for soccer, he covers every sport.

What being Field Supervisor means is Littrell is the one who shows up at the games, handles problems for kids and parents, passes out uniforms, keeps the scorebook and keeps score for baseball. He is contracted for baseball, softball, T-ball, football and basketball. In other words, he's into everything.

"It all started when my kids were little," Littrell said.

He has two sons, Anthony, 23 and Brian, 21. Both of his boys played baseball and football.

Littrell said he got into coaching first.

"Back then (1986-87), I didn't like the direction things were going in Suwannee County because they had local rules," Littrell said.

What Littrell meant by that is the county didn't play by Babe Ruth rules. There was a baseball board instead.

"So, I started voicing my opinions," Littrell said. "And they elected me president. My goal as president was to get sports in Suwannee County under Rec. Department control. When that happened, I believe it led to the Sportsplex."

Littrell also started what is now the Beef O'Brady Scoreboard Show. He got it rolling when he was working in Lake City on 94.3, WNFB. Littrell said there was another guy also doing a scoreboard show, Steve Berrey in Jacksonville. Littrell hooked up with Berrey, and it grew from there into what it is today a state-wide, Internet, satellite show that airs every Friday night during high school football season. The show comes on after the games from 10 p.m. until midnight. Folks call in from their local area and give the hosts scores. In this way, there is up-to-the-minute reporting of almost every game in the state of Florida.

Littrell left the show in 1993 when he came back to Live Oak and Big 98, but the show itself is still going strong and still on after the games on Friday nights, airing on 25 different radio stations throughout the state It is the only high-school scoreboard call-in show in Florida.

Littrell has always been a sports fan. He loves football, basketball and baseball, but his real love is for college football.

"I enjoy what I do," Littrell said. "And I hope I do it well. I just want to be Wayne. I don't feel like I'm famous."

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