It would have been his 100th win. Lincoln wrestling coach Mike Crowder had the media in place to record the 100th win of his career. He posted a message on the Internet that he especially wanted this 100th win to be against Suwannee. Too bad, Coach Crowder. Suwannee won 36-26!

When the Bulldogs arrived in Tallahassee at Lincoln High School, the media was already in place to record this historic 100th win for Coach Mike Crowder. According to Suwannee wrestling coach David Laxton, the Dog's had a game plan. In plan "A" they needed to win the coin toss which decides which wrestler reports to the mat first. Suwannee lost the coin toss and had to revert to Plan "B". In Plan "B" the Dogs had to secure pins in three pivotal matches.

"But that did not happen either," Laxton said.

The match began with the 171 weight class. Casey Osborne is Suwannee's regular 171. Lincoln's coach moved their regular 160-pound wrestler up to wrestle at 171, expecting an easy pin over Osborne. But Osborne wrestled hard and Lincoln only secured a decision 9-3 over Osborne. The Lincoln Trojans went ahead 0-3.

Lincoln then moved their regular 171, Justin Kennett, up to wrestle Justin Mowls at 189 weight class. Lincoln expected another easy win, but Mowls had other ideas.

"Mowls had prepared a can of whip tail for Mr. Kennett," Laxton said. Mowls won in a decision 9-4, which tied the match at 3-3.

Michael Wright, Suwannee's big 215-pound wrestler, pinned his opponent in 27 seconds flat. That gave the Dogs the lead 9-3. Kris Kerns wrestled next in the battle of the heavy weights.

"Now for the battle of the giants," Laxton said. "But Kris Kerns is more like David at 222 battling Gaizka Crowley at 263 pounds."

Laxton said it was a great match, back and forth with Kerns using every bit of his strength to fend off the giant. Kerns was behind 5-3 when he made a final effort to take Crowley down for the tie and go into overtime. But he slipped and stumbled and fell onto his back and was pinned by the giant. The match was tied again at 9-9.

The match switched from giants to light weights as Corey Riley made his first wrestling appearance in the 105 class for Suwannee. Riley fought hard but was pinned late in the second period. Suwannee went down 9-15.

Levi Wainwright was up next for the Dogs in the 119 weight class. Levi loss 0-5 in a decision, sending Lincoln soaring ahead 9-18.

Caleb Wainwright was Suwannee's next wrestler. Caleb pinned his man in 48 seconds for the Dogs, evening up the score a little to 15-18.

David Sanders at 127 wrestled hard in a very strategic match but loss in a decision 4-6. The Trojans moved further into the lead 15-21.

Tyler Townsend was Suwannee's 132-pound entry. This was Townsend's first varsity dual meet. Townsend lost 0-15, but was not pinned. Lincoln scored their last points of the match as the score went to 15-26.

It was now hammer time for Suwannee. Barney Wainwright was Suwannee's next wrestler. Wainwright knew the team needed a pin. But according to Laxton, the Lincoln wrestler stalled the entire match. Barney won a major victory 18-8 but could not pin the stall-king. The score went to 19-26.

William "Willy Mac "McCrimon wrestled next and won a 3-0 victory sending Suwannee closer to Lincoln, 22-26.

Lee Laxton wrestled next in the 147 weight class. He secured a 3-2 victory inching Suwannee to within one point of Lincoln, 25-26.

At 154, Greg Boyle was up for the Dogs. Boyle had to win to secure the victory for Suwannee. Boyle won a technical pin, 15-0, giving Suwannee their first lead of the match 30-26.

Suwannee's state champion Preston Hart was last up. Hart put the icing on the cake for the Dogs by pinning his opponent in 25 seconds. The Dogs received six points for the pin and a huge victory over the Lincoln Trojans 36-26.

The victory denied Lincoln's Coach Crowder his 100th win and gave Suwannee their first victory over Lincoln in six years. Suwannee wrestling is on top of its game. Make sure you mark Jan. 25 on your calendars when Suwannee wrestling will take on GHS at home. The JV wrestlers take to the mat at 6:30 p.m. and the Bulldogs start their match at 7:30 p.m. Go Dogs!

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