For the second year in a row both the men's and the women's track teams have swept the district meet. The Bulldogs hammered their closest competition, Santa Fe, 172-126.50. Suwannee's men led in new areas this year thanks to the infusion of some longer-distance talent from the soccer and wrestling teams.

Suwannee's women dominated in the hurdle events and the field events and did well this year in the long distance events. The women made a strong showing taking the district title with 142 points over their closest competitors Taylor County with 98.

Suwannee men's relays won three events, the 4x100, the 4x400 and the 4x800. This is the first year in some time the men's 4x800 has done well. The infusion of Preston Hart and Michael Jessop form wrestling, Kevin Pate, Cullen Boggus, J.D. Hales, Corey Bridges, John Hales and Greg Henderson from soccer has added new depth to Suwannee longer distance running.

The event took place in Starke on Tuesday, April 13 on a very windy day. The gusts were so strong the pole vaulting was difficult at best. The vaulters had to go ahead and compete because otherwise they would not qualify to go to the regional tournament but the heights were just not possible.

The top four placers in each event qualified to advance to the regional tournament. In the girls 100 meter hurdles Heather LeBlanc and Kendra Chavis advance to regionals. In the boys 110 HH Bruce Johnson and Logan Hall advance. In the boys 100 meter dash Michael White and Bernard Williams advance. In the boys 1600 meter run Preston Hart is going to regionals. The girls 4x100 relay team advances. The boys 4x100 relay team advances. In the girls 400 meter dash Toi Herring advances. IN the girls 300 meter hurdles Heather LeBlanc and Kendra Chavis advance. In the boys 300 meter hurdles Logan Hall advances. Sarah Dunaway advances in the girls 800 meter run. In the boys 200 meter dash Bernard Williams and Petey Lovett advance to the regionals. IN the girls 3200 meter run Amelia Kurtz and Victoria Kirby advance to regionals. In the boys 3200 Preston Hart and Corey Bridges advance. The girls 4x400 relay team advances. The boys 4x400 relay team advances. The girls 4x800 and the boys 4x800 relay teams advance. Heather LeBlanc and Aranda Williams advance for the girls long jump. Bruce Johnson advances for the boys long jump. Heather LeBlanc advances for the girls triple jump. Patrick Cherry advances in the boys triple jump. Ashley Rose advances in the girls high jump. Rose and LeBlanc advance in the girls pole vault. Michael Jessop advances in the boys pole vault. In girls shot put D'Neisha Keel and Zena Hunter advance. Hunter and Sierra Dukes advance in the girls discus. Seth Shaw advances in boys discus.

Individual results

Girls 100 meter hurdles

1st-Heather LeBlanc-14.8

2nd-Kendra Chavis-17.0

Boys 110 HH

1st-Bruce Johnson-14.5

2nd-Logan Hall-15.00

Girls 100 meter dash

7th-Aranda Williams-14.1

Boys 100 meter dash

2nd-Michael White-11.0

3rd-Bernard Williams-11.1

Girls 1600 meter run

6th-Amelia Kurtz-7:05

7th-Victoria Kirby-8:00.5

8th-Michele Poole-8:22.9

Boys 1600 meter run

3rd-Preston Hart-5:12.2

5th-John Hales-5:30.6

7th-Cullen Boggus-5:34.6

8th-Jason Hale-5:37.1

Girls 4x100


Boys 4x100


Girls 400 meter dash

3rd-Toi Herring-1:08.1

7th-Cynthia Ward-1:14.3

Boys 400 meter run

6th-Charles Griffin-56.1

Girls 300 meter hurdles

1st-Heather LeBlanc-51.00

2nd-Kendra Chavis-58.26

Boys 300 meter hurdles

1st-Logan Hall 39.88

Girls 800 meter run

1st-Sara Dunaway-2:51.55

6th-Ashley Rose-3:16.68

Boys 800 meter run

5th-Kevin Pate-2:26.68

6th-Greg Henderson-2:29.53

10th-Cullen Boggus-2:34.18

Girls 200 meter dash

5th-Toi Herring-29.98

6th-Kortney Cherry-30.23

8th-Aranda Williams-32.14

Boys 200 meter dash

2nd-Bernard Williams-23.52

3rd-Petey Lovett-23.76

Girls 3200 meter run

2nd-Amelia Kurtz-17:13.54

3rd-Victoria Kirby-18:36.45

Boys 3200

2nd-Preston Hart-11:40.74

4th-Corey Bridges-12:43.84

5th-Michael Jessop-12:44.0

Girls 4x400


Boys 4x400


Girls 4x800


Boys 4x800


Girls long jump

1st-Heather LeBlanc-17-04.00

2nd-Aranda Williams-14-07.50

7th-Kortney Cherry-14-01.25

Boys long jump

4th-Bruce Johnson-21-00.00

8th-Quaramos Ross-19-04.50

10th-Delwyn Allen-18-02.25

Girls triple jump

1st-Heather LeBlanc-43-08.25

Boys triple jump

4th-Patrick Cherry-41-11.50

5th-Petey Lovett-41-07.75

Girls high jump

3rd-Ashley Rose-4-10.00

9th-Cynthia Ward-4-02.00

Girls pole vault

2nd-Ashley Rose-6-05.00

3rd-Heather LeBlanc-5-00.00

Boys pole vault

1st-Michael Jessop-8-00.00

Girls shot put

1st-D'Neisha Keel-31-02.00

4th-Zena Hunter-27-00.00

9th-Michelle Poole-22-07.00

10th-Sierra Dukes-22-00.00

Boys shot put

5th-Sammy George-42-05.00

7th-Ronnie Plummer-40-07.00

Girls discus

1st-Zena Hunter-84-03.00

2nd-Sierra Dukes-70-07.00

6th-D'Neisha Keel-64-11.00

7th-Michelle Poole-64-03.00

Boys discus

2nd-Seth Shaw-129-08.00

11th-Shaun Brewer-180-02.00

12th-Nick Beck-160-06.00

The teams travel to Tallahassee at FSU for the regional meet on Friday, April 23. Qualifying track team members will compete for a place in the state tournament which will be in Gainesville at UF on April 30. Good luck to all and Go Dogs!

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