Kenny Williams passed away two years ago due to a heart attack. Williams was the proud father of seven-time World Champion Team Roper Speedy Williams.

When Speedy was little, Mr. Kenny would tell everyone that he was raising a world-champion cowboy. That was no surprise to those that knew Mr. Kenny because he was a world-champion bronc rider in his day.

According to Mr. Kenny's friends, he loved children and would give a child a horse or a dog at the drop of a hat.

Mr. Kenny loved team roping almost as much as his family. Speedy and his mother, Bobby Williams, decided to honor Mr. Kenny every year with a big memorial roping on Sept. 24 and 25 in Green Cove Springs.

Even with Tropical Storm Jeanne heading for Florida, the roping was held. However, Sunday's number five and six ropings had to be canceled due to the storm. They will be re-scheduled for a later date.

Several local cowboys and cowgirls traveled to Green Cove Springs to participate in the event. Several came home with money and a trophy saddle.

Rance Brown of Branford placed fourth in the number nine roping. Scott Elliott of Live Oak placed fifth in the number nine.

Brown of Branford also placed first in the number eight. JD Elliott of Live Oak placed second in the number eight. Tyler Byrd of Branford and Brown as a team placed fourth in the number eight.

Justin Johnson of Live Oak placed first in the number eight P/D with his teammate Wade Thomas of Live Oak. Scott Elliott placed second, Byrd and Clint Summers placed third as a team. Johnson had the fast-time in the roping along with his partner Danny Garcia.

Results (times are cumulative)


1st-Spunk Sasser and Kyle Lawrence

2nd-T.J. Smith of Ocala and Chad Agnew of Perry.

3rd-Brian Hoey of Ocala and Kyle Lawrence.

Number 11

1st-Arkey Rogers of Lake City and Manny Cunde with a time of 27.91.

2nd-Damian and Fletch Nail with a time of 28.24.

3rd-Arky Rogers and Fletch Nail with a time of 28.99.

4th-Dakota Shipp of Ocala and Fletch Nail with a time of 30.82.

Number nine

1st-Danny Garcia and Blane Taylor with a time of 38.81

2nd-Arky Rogers and Brock Middleton with a time of 39.04.

3rd-Justin Hawkins and Calvin Moody with a time of 39.67.

4th-Dolamite Boyette and Rance Brown of Branford with a time of 40.38.

5th-Scott Elliott of Live Oak and Shane Hendricks with a time of 42.88.

Number eight-handicapped

1st-Arky Rogers and Rance Brown with a time of 30.37.

2nd-Arky Rogers and JD Elliott with a time of 33.43.

3rd-Charles Herrington and Blane Taylor with a time of 33.46.

4th-Tyler Byrd and Rance Brown with a time of 33.77.

Number eight P/D

1st-Wade Thomas and Justin Johnson with a time of 30.62.

2nd-Scott Elliott and Dakota Shipp with a time of 33.50.

3rd-Tyler Byrd and Clint Summers with a time of 34.16.

4th-Lance Jowers and Lance Brown with a time of 34.26.

Number seven

1st-Bob Flemington of Palatka and Wayne Davis of Lake Butler with a time of 40.50.

2nd-Ricky Layman and Scott Motes with a time of 40.72.

3rd-J.R. Boyd and Troy Hudson of Ocala with a time of 41.23.

4th-Donald Bradway and Hugh Bragg with a time of 42.12.

Number four

1st-Dan Wilcox and Joshua Weeks with a time of 60.66.

2nd-Bonnie Bohannon and Keith Brackens with a time of 67.25.

3rd-Michael Dudash and Joshua Weeks with a time of 73.48.

4th-Robbie Mazouri and Josh Weeks with a time of 75.26.

5th-Jim Mock and John Keene with a time of 42.43.

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