The Suwannee High Soccer Boosters have sponsored a soccer camp for the past several years for the youth of Suwannee County. This year four coaches, all from England, are teaching the kids soccer basics and more intensive and advanced soccer techniques at a week long camp.

The camp ran from July 19-23 at the First Federal Sportsplex. In the morning, younger players were coached in two groups--girls and boys. In the evening, older, high school players, came out and received more advanced training from the four English soccer coaches.

Craig Hutchinson is the four-man team's captain. He is from Yorkshire and is in his third year of working for Major League Soccer Camps. Hutchinson just graduated from university where he studied sports studies and physical education.

Tom Harris is from Liverpool. He recently graduated from university where he studied sports and exercise science. Harris wants to coach.

Richie Campbell is also from Yorkshire. He's in his second year working in the US as a soccer camp coach. Campbell just graduated with a degree in sports and exercise science and wants to return to college to become a physical therapist.

Paul Kelshaw is the newest member of the four-man team. Kelshaw has been working for MLS Camps for two weeks. He is from the North West of England and just graduated from university after majoring in sports coaching and exercise science.

The four men enjoyed coaching Suwannee's soccer kids. They had lots of complimentary things to say about soccer her in Live Oak and about the facility.

"You have a really top-notch facility her," Hutchinson said. "It's amazing to find such a place way out here in the country."

The four men just finished a camp in New England and after Suwannee will move on to Jacksonville. They hope to go to the Keys for a soccer camp after that.

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