Mt. Olive Baptist Church held a men's conference April 1-2. The purpose of the conference was to reach un-churched men and boys, according to Don Boyette, one of the conference organizers. Wayne Peason's World Record Exhibit was displayed in the church. This exhibit travels around the country and had on display trophy game animals and fish.

Ten men recommitted their life to Christ. Ten men came who were looking for a church. Four committed their life to Christ and 24 decisions and vows were made.

Aside from the commitments to the church, the highlight of the conference was Saturday's fishing tournament.

In the Five-Fish weight class, Adrienne Boyette won with a whopping total of 11.66 pounds of fish. Buddy Hogan placed second with 11.35 pounds. Gerald Gray took third with 8.03 pounds. Seth Shaw took fourth with 7.42 pounds. Drew Carter took fifth with 6.84 pounds.

In the Big Fish class Seth Shaw was the winner with one fish weighing in at 7.42 pounds. Adrienne Boyette was second with a bass weighing in at 7.03. Buddy Hogan was third with a fish weighing in at 6.-92. Drew Carter was fourth with a 6.84 fish. Nick Brown was fifth with a fish weighing in at 4.40 pounds.

The game supper Friday night drew plenty of local folks, church members and county officials. All kinds of wild game was served up by the folks of the church.

The ultimate purpose in sponsoring this men's conference was to lead men to the church.

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