Twenty-five pairs of tickets to Super Bowl XXXIX were awarded to the most deserving employees of Shands Healthcare. In the entire system, 25 lucky people got a pair of tickets to attend., 25 lucky and deserving employees. Willie Woodson was the lucky guy from Shands at Live Oak that was nominated to go to the Super Bowl.

Woodson said he had the time of his life. He sat next to Snoop Dog, a popular and extremely famous rap star, got invited to go clubbing after the game with Snoop and was even chauffeured in the Dog's hummer-limo.

But the high-light of the day was the Super Bowl itself. The honored employees attended a pre-game reception at Shands at Jacksonville where he met Shands Healthcare CEO Tim Goldfarb. Woodson is a Philadelphia Eagles fan. His brother-in-law, John Jones, was the man he took with him. Jones is a New England Patriots fan.

The two cheered for their individual teams and Woodson was the disappointed one, the Eagles lost.

"I want to thank whoever nominated me," Woodson said. Woodson is a floor technician at Shands at Live Oak.

"He was nominated for his outstanding service," said Shands at Live Oak Administrator Rhonda Sherrod. "He doesn't do it for the recognition. If there's something that needs doing he does it. He's one of those people who always helps out wherever he's needed. He always goes the extra mile. We're fortunate to have him. It was a very difficult decision to make, we have many deserving employees. I wish we had tickets for everyone."

"My dad always said if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right the first time," Woodson said. "All of us at Shands are winners."

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