Zach Pennington, left, 16, Live Oak, was the top male overall winner. Pennington had a time of 20:08. Mindy Berry, right, 31, Live Oak, was the top female overall winner. Berry finished the race with a time of 25:40.

More than 130 people showed their St. Patty’s Day spirit and fitness prowess in the Pot O‘ Gold 5k run last Saturday morning in Live Oak.

With 131 racers crossing the finish line, Kathy Wood, Suwannee County School District Wellness Initiative coordinator, said she was happy with the race.

“I was very excited. We tripled the number of participants from our Turkey Trot. It was a very good course. Everybody was happy with the course,” Wood said.

The 5k was coordinated by the SCSD’s Wellness Initiative.

The top overall male finisher was Zach Pennington, 16, of Live Oak, with a time of 20:08. The top overall female finisher was Mindy Berry, 31, of Live Oak, with a time of 25:40. Celebrating fitness while being pregnant, Stephanee Phillips, representing Suwannee Elementary School, won the best costume with an infant onesy pinned to her shirt that read “Me First St. Patrick’s Day”.      

Wood says they hope to start having a race every other month. The WI will be a sponsor for the the Suwannee County Fair 5k Run-A-Fair & Walk/Talk on April 7. The event, in conjunction with the Suwannee County Fair, is a competitive event for runners and walkers, but the Walk/Talk can be enjoyable to those who want to walk with a group and have fun. Please visit the SuwanneeCountyFair.org for more information on that race.

For information regarding future runs for the SCSD Wellness Initiative, visit Suwannee.Schooldesk.net and click on the Wellness tab.

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