The Students of Cheek's Gymnastics in Live Oak recently performed at the Lake City Mall. Team members performing included Charlotte Jerkins, age four, Belle Strickland, age seven, Denver Cameron, age seven, Hanna Ragan, age 10, Lindsey Brothers, age 10, Leslie Baucom, age 10, Brittany Turner, age 13 and Natalie Fina, age 15.

The years of training received by these girls ranges from one to seven years. For the first time beginning this year, this team of girls will compete with other gymnasts in other regions.

Cheek's Gymnastics is currently in downtown Live Oak on US 90. In January the shop will move to a new location in affiliation with Suwannee Health and Fitness Gym. The new gym is under construction just east of Celebrations on 11th St. 51.

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