The Suwannee Swimming Club is working hard this year. The club went to a huge swim meet in Moultrie, Ga. recently. There were 1,856 girls entered from 10 different clubs and 1,506 boys from 10 different swim clubs. The Suwannee swimmers did well. The competition was tough but there were many great individual performances.

Hannah Fortner scored 42 individual points taking first in three events and a third in another event. This put her in first place for all girls in the 15-18 category.

Chip Thomas swimming for Suwannee in the 9-10 age group took a second, a seventh and a fifth place. T.J. Vickers took a fourth and a third. Wyatt Thomas took a second in the 7-8 year old group, two third place ribbons and a sixth.

Girls Individual Results

Girls 15-18 100-yard freestyle

1st-Hannah Fortner-57.41

6th-Amber Bailey-1:10.77

Girls 6 and under 25-yard freestyle

19th-Brooke Wetzel-53.51

Girls 7-8 25-yard freestyle

18th-Kaleigh Tompkins-25.82

20th-Madison Wetzel-26.45

Girls 11-12 50-yard freestyle

5th-Ashley Wetzel-33.19

9th-Danna McMullen-36.17

Girls 13-14 50-yard freestyle

18th-Hali Brannon-35.72

20th-Paige Thomas

Girls 15-18 50-yard freestyle

1st-Hannah Fortner-26.49

9th-amber Bailey-31.28

Girls 7-8 25-yard breaststroke

20th-Kaleigh Tompkins-44.44

Girls 9-10 25-yard breaststroke

11th-Ashton Marsee-23.87

Girls 11-12 50-yard breaststroke

7th-Ashley Wetzel-47.63

10th-Dana McMullen-49.18

Girls 13-14 50-yard breaststroke

8th-LaChaundra Richardson-47.77

13th-Paige Thomas-51.39

14th-Hali Brannon-51.97

Girls 15-18 50-yard breaststroke

3rd-Amber Bailey-39.98

Girls 9-10 100-yard individual medley

15th-Ashtyn Marsee-2:09.64

Girls 11-12 100-yard IM

9th-Dana McMullen-1:37.68

Girls 13-14 100-yard IM

13th-Hali Brannon

Girls 15-18 100-yard IM

1st-Hannah Fortner-1:10.92

Girls 7-8 25-yard backstroke

14th-Kaleigh Tompkins-31.12

16th-Madison Wetzel-31.44

Girls 9-10 25-yard backstroke

20th-Heidie Brannon-27.10

Girls 11-12 50-yard backstroke

8th-Dana McMullen-44.96

18th-Ashley Wetzel-56.47

Girls 13-14 50-yard backstroke

17th-Hali Brannon-47.45

18th-Paige Thomas-47.65

Girls 15-18 50-yard backstroke

1st-Hannah Fortner-33.47

Girls 11-12 50-yard butterfly

5th-Ashley Wetzel-39.80

7th-Danna McMullen-44.28

Girls 13-14 50-yard butterfly

9th-Hali Brannon-42.61

15th-Paige Thomas-46.19

17th-LaChaundra Richardson-50.57

Girls 15-18 50-yard butterfly

3rd-Hannah Fortner-31.38

10th-Amber Bailey-37.

Boys Individual Results

Boys 15-18 100-yard freestyle

6th-Josh Jones-1:06.26

Boys 6 and under 25-yard freestyle

8th-Cody Menhennett-31.38

Boys 7-8 25-yard freestyle

3rd-Wyatt Thomas-21.30

Boys 9-10 25-yard freestyle

2nd-Chip Thomas-16.73

15th-Rhett Barker-21.73

20th-Wesley Thomas-26.29

Boys 11-12 50-yard freestyle

4th-T.J. Vickers-31.68

10th-LaCardo Richardson-38.77

16th-Vance Wiggens-41.63

Boys 15-18 50-yard freestyle

6th-Josh Jones-27.77

Boys 6 and under 25-yard breaststroke

10th-Cody Menhennett-51.73

Boys 7-8 25-yard breaststroke

6th-Wyatt Thomas-30.19

Boys 9-10 25-yard breaststroke

7th-Chip Thomas-26.56

10th-Wesley Thomas-28.57

Boys 11-12 100-yard IM

11th-Vance Wiggens-1:56.80

Boys 13-14 100-yard IM

5th-Shelby Brothers-1:28.98

Boys 7-8 25-yard backstroke

3rd-Wyatt Thomas-26.87

16th-Madison Wetzel-31.44

Boys 9-10 25-yard backstroke

9th-Chip Thomas-24.97

17th-Wesley Thomas-36.75

18th-Rhett Barker-36.87

Boys 11-12 50-yard backstroke

5th-LaCardo Richardson-46.75

Boys 7-8 25-yard butterfly

2nd-Wyatt Thomas-28.93

Boys 9-10 25-yard butterfly

5th-Chip Thomas-25.00

12th-Wesley Thomas-37.09

Boys 11-12 50-yard butterfly

3rd-T.J. Vickers-40.48

8th-LaCardo Richardson-48.94

9th-Vance Wiggens-59.09

Boys 15-18 50-yard butterfly

6th-Josh Jones-37.07

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