Suwannee boys’ weightlifting has had a busy week. Suwannee narrowly placed second at the state sectional meet in Ft. White. The Dogs took second to Interlachen, losing by two points 55-57. The Bulldogs had the most first place winners with five Suwannee lifters taking gold.

“The boys were passionate about winning, and although they were disappointed they walked away with their heads high knowing they did their best,” said weightlifting coach Jimmy Clay. “It was a great and exciting meet.”

According to Clay, Joe Kelly, Larrell Cherry, Jarrett Yulee, Dustin Doe, and Michael Wright will be moving on to the next sectional and possibly Leon Daniels and Chris Bevel.

The top three in each class go and the fourth and fifth place winners have a chance if their totals are more than the other section’s fourth and fifth place winners.

The Bulldogs defeated Hamilton County March 15. The meet was supposed to be a three-way between Hamilton, Trinity Catholic and Suwannee. Trinity didn’t show so Suwannee and Hamilton competed in a dual meet. Suwannee won 62-26.

Sectional results

119-Brandon Stratton placed fifth.

“Brandon is a freshman with great potential in the coming years,” Clay said. “His efforts have helped score points for the team throughout the year.”

129-Christopher Skeen placed sixth.

“Christopher also is a freshman with great potential in the coming years,” Clay said. “His efforts helped score points for the team throughout the year.”

139-Joe Kelly placed first.

“Joe is still undefeated this year and is doing a great job,” Clay said. “Joe is fun to watch.”

139-Chris Bevel placed fourth.

“Chris had a personal best in the clean and jerk and we are hoping he will qualify for the next sectional,” Clay said. “Chris has been very dedicated all year.”

154-Jarrett Yulee took first. “Jarrett is also undefeated and is one fierce competitor,” Clay said.

169-Larrell Cherry placed first. Cherry is another undefeated lifter. “Larrell brings a lot of enthusiasm and leadership to the team,” Clay said.

183-Brandon Allen placed fourth.

“Brandon made a great showing while nursing a sore back,” said Clay.

183-Justin Starling placed sixth. According to Clay, Justin had to fight to make weight which left him a bit weak.

“Justin loves to compete and is at home in the weight room,” Clay said.

199-Chad Hardin placed sixth. Clay said Chad is very strong with incredible potential.

219-Tom Cheek placed fifth. “Tom Cheek has shown great dedication and next year he will be very hard to beat,” Clay said. “Tom has great form in the clean and jerk.

219-Dustin Doe placed first. “Dustin blew his competition away and looks to do very well at state,” Clay said. “Dustin has great confidence and presence of mind.”

238-Michael Wright took home the first.

“Michael is a joy to coach,” Clay said. “Michael should also do well at state. He loves competition.”

Heavyweight-Leon Daniels placed fourth.

“Leon is a passive giant with a heart as big as himself,” Clay said. “Leon is very coachable and has done a terrific job all year.

Hamilton results

The Dogs had a host of first place winners. In the 139 pound weightclass

Kyle Skeen took first lifting a total of 310 pounds.

Joe Kelly took first in the 139 class lifting a total of 450.

Jarrett Yulee took first in 154 lifting a total of 505, upping his last mark of 500 by five pounds.

Larrell Cherry took first in the 169 class lifting 530 pounds.

Chad Hardin took first in the 199 class lifting 475 pounds.

Dustin Doe placed first in the 219 class lifting a total of 580 pounds.

Michael Wright took first in 238 lifting a total of 605. Leon Daniels took first in the heavyweight class lifting 580.

In the 119 weightclass Brandon Stratton placed second lifting 260.

Chris Bevel, lifting in the 139 weightclass, took second place lifting a total of 360 pounds.

Brantley Wood lifting in the 154 weightclass placed third lifting a total of 370 pounds.

Barney Wainwright Placed second in the 169 class lifting a total of 455 pounds.

Justin Starling, lifting in the 183 pound class, placed third lifting a total of 480 pounds.

Wallace Smith, lifting in the 199 class, placed second lifting a total of 455 pounds. Tyler Branche placed second in the 238-pound class, lifting a total of 475 pounds.

Cody Howard, lifting in the heavyweight class, placed second lifting 580 total pounds.

The boys competed in Ft. White on March 22 in the first of two sectional meets. Ft. White, Hamilton, Hawthorne, Interlachen, Loften, Newberry and Santa Fe all competed to qualify for the state meet.

“The boys are pumped to take home gold,” said weightlifting Clay. “We’re having an exciting year and it is going to get even more exciting.”

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