The Senior Team Roping Association held another roping in Branford July 10. The seniors were out chasing cows even though the heat index was over 100. Dale Vining took first for the second time in a row and Jackie Keeble placed first on the heeling side.

Individual results heading

1st heading-Dale Vining with 71.99 seconds on six steers.

2nd-Bobbi Davis with 80.16 seconds on six steers.

3rd-Ed Hartenstein with 77.66 on five steers.

4th-Bonnie Bohannon with 81.60 on five steers.

5th-Larry Webb with 86.75 on five steers.

Individual results heeling

1st heeling-Jackie Keeble with 121.08 on eight steers.

2nd-Bob Daw with 94.67 seconds on seven steers.

3rd-Ed Hartenstein with 94.11 seconds on seven steers.

4th-Jodie Casson with 94.67 seconds on seven steers.

5th-Greg Gradon with 118.68 seconds on seven steers.

The Senior Team Ropers will be at it again Saturday, Aug. 7 in Trenton under the covered arena. Come check out this hot roping action. Or maybe come to join. Roping begins around 10 a.m.

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