BY Janet Schrader, Democrat Reporter

Don Boehly wants everyone to remember the heroes of Sept. 11. To help folks remember, he is cycling across America.

Boehly's idea is to raise money for the charities of the 9-11 heroes, the police, ambulance drivers, paramedics, the emergency services personnel and the Todd Beamer Foundation by raising awareness. Boehly is doing this by cycling through all 50 states.

Boehly made a stop in Live Oak recently after spending the night in the Lake City Fire station. He stopped at the Live Oak Fire Station on his way out of town.

The starting point for the tour which Boehly says will probably take three years, was Willard, KY. Boehly plans to cycle through the winter by taking a southern route. He hopes to be able to make it to Alaska and Hawaii with the help of some sponsors and cycle through all 50 states.

Boehly has a website devoted to his enterprise. Check it out at

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