The second drowning within 10 days at Telford Spring has taken the life of a 17-year-old Live Oak resident.

Ricardo Gamino Biltrain, 1405 Duval St., NE, drowned after stepping into the rain-swollen spring. Biltrain was at the spring with family members when the accidental drowning occurred, according to the Suwannee County Sheriff's Office.

Biltrain was a recent immigrant from Mexico and was living with family members in Live Oak, according to the Sheriff's Office. Some family members were at the springs with the victim.

The spring is located on private property where efforts have been made over the years to stop the public from entering the property to no avail according to officers.

According to a narrative by Suwannee County Deputy David Poole who investigated the drowning, he was sent to the scene by a phone call to 911 from a cell phone caller regarding the drowning at about 4:05 p.m. Aug. 14. By that time Deputy Scott Senea was already on the scene, along with Florida Wildlife Commission officers. Witnesses at the scene told Poole that Biltrain had been drinking beer and standing in waist deep water where the spring meets the Suwannee River. The witnesses also said they thought Biltrain could not swim and had been drinking all afternoon. The witnesses told Poole that Biltrain apparently stepped forward into deep water, went under and never came back to the surface.

Because of recent heavy rains, the river is flooded and has flooded the usually clear spring, making it dark as the river, Poole said. Due to the darkness of the water, no one could see Biltrain when he stepped into the deep water, Poole said.

Florida Wildlife Commission officers Matt Tyre, Rodney Boone, Dennis Sharpe and Dwain Mobley were dragging the river in search of Biltrain when Poole arrived and quickly recovered the body.

Also at the scene was Suwannee County Sheriff Tony Cameron, Suwannee County Fire/Rescue's Charles Tannachion and David Bickel, Chief Deputy Ron Colvin and Sheriff's Office Victim Witness Coordinator Tracy Brantley and Ag Officer Roeland Duckworth.

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