Mama Lucy delivered a surprise for Bob and Edith Hoehn July 6 when her expected delivery produced not just one baby goat but four baby goats. The two boys are twins and the girls are not. They have been named Wheaties, Cheerios, Cornflakes and Coco Pebbles.

According to Edith, Lucy is coping well with her little family since she had experienced multiple births previously, but this is the first set of quadruplets for Lucy.

Edith said the only problem they've encountered is making sure the "runt" of the litter gets enough milk so they have decided to bottle feed him.

When the babies were born Bob called local veterinarian Dr. Lindsey Jackson to inquire about the odds of this many babies being born during a single birth. Bob said Dr. Jackson agreed it was very rare.

The Hoehns moved to Lafayette County from New York in 1990. They have a growing number of livestock and if Lucy stays true to form and continues to have multiple kids, the herd will continue to grow. Bob calls the goat herd natural lawnmowers and said he is always interested in selling one.

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