Submitted Gina Hart, PTA President

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at Lafayette Elementary School supports various programs for the students and teachers. Just to name a few, the Eckerd Theater Company that comes twice a year, awards and incentives for Honor Roll students, the Science Guy program, the Anna Moo reading program and incentives and gifts during Teacher Appreciation Week.

In order to fund the programs this year PTA sponsored a Walk-a-Thon fund-raiser on November 25. Students were asked to collect donations of $1 and to pledge how many laps they could walk.

The Walk-A-Thon proved to be a great success with the total amount gained coming to $2,663.02.

We had three First Place students tied. Micah, Myles and Mason Byrd each collected $70 and each received a check for $50.

Two students, Emily Bermudez and Timothy Bell tied for Second Place. They collected a total of $60 each and each received a check for $25

Coming in third with a collection of $56 was Haley Fowler who received a check for $15.

The winning students were recognized and presented their checks on the LES Morning News by Debbie Singletary.

We send a special "Thank You" to the Walk-A-Thon helpers: Debbie Singletary, Derek Garland, Janet Tice, Janna Walker, Joey Pearson, Alan Ellis, Penny Flickinger and Lynne Buchanan.

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