Rodgers is new LMS teacher

Cathy Rodgers is the physical science teacher for middle school this year. Rodgers will also add 10th grade biology to her schedule later this year. "I enjoy teaching all the science curriculum but especially enjoy Biology having taught it for 25 years," said Rodgers.

She said her teaching career had its start in Orange County as a home economic teacher. Rodgers taught there for 28 years before coming north to Columbia and Suwannee for a couple of years before moving to Lafayette County to teach this year.

Rodgers said she loved living in Mayo and was thrilled to be hired this year joining her husband who already had a teaching position at LHS.

"My goal for all students is to help them be successful in life," Rodgers said.

She said she likes the smaller school environment since her others years of teaching have always been at larger schools. "I didn't even know the principal at some of the schools but here the principal knows everyone," she commented.

She said she loves to travel but plans to stay and hopefully retire right here in the county that she has come to love.

PE teacher joins LHS staff

The new physical education teacher for middle and high school this year is Vermonda McNair.

McNair lives in Suwannee County with her daughter Ashli, age 8, who is in third grade at Lafayette Elementary School.

This is the first year of teaching for McNair who said her goal for students is to provide a safe, motivational and caring environment so they will be able to grasp the knowledge and ability necessary to demonstrate and maintain a healthy life style.

McNair has a bachelor of arts in education and is a seasoned traveler having worked as a visitor security clerk on several military bases for nine years.

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