A School Uniform survey was made available to parents, staff, and students of Lafayette High School by the Lafayette High School Advisory Council.The purpose of the survey was to gather input from parents, students, and staff of Lafayette High School on whether school uniforms are needed.

The members of the Lafayette High School Advisory Council for 2005-2006 school year are two students acting as Student Council Representative and Interact Club Representative; six parents: John Young, Paul Anderson, Holly Hamlin, Diana Frier, Tina Anderson, Gerald Powers; three Minority Representatives: Dorothy Aderibigbe, David Palomino, Priscilla Howard; three Bus/Com Leaders: Teresa Frier, Steven Schneitman, Ricky Lyons; two Support Employees: Joyce Hicks/ Ariel Watkins, April Young; three Teachers: Kathy McCray, Mary Koon, Kateesh Hart; Principal: Derek Hembree; School Improvement Chairperson: Becky Sharpe; District SI Contact: Tina Hurst; and, School Board Member: Bobby Koon.

Lafayette Elementary did not participate in the survey. According to Principal Marion McCray, Lafayette Elementary decided to wait and abide by whatever decision was reached.

The Elementary School Advisory Council, according to McCray, was against the use of school uniforms. "The Lafayette Elementary School Advisory Council felt that uniforms were not necessary, and that the Principal should just enforce the dress code that is already in place," she said.

The members of the Lafayette Elementary Advisory Council are parents: Susan Solano, Marie Dyal, Dana Lashley; Community Leaders: Bill McMillan, Tina Singletary, Jana Hart; Minority: Ariel Watkins, Demecio Robles, Teodora Celedon; Support Employees: Jenene Starling, Gary Weidman, Maria Wimberley; Teachers: Sandy Bass, Monica Land, Janis Land; Administrators: Marion McCray, Gina Hart; and, Ex-Offiicio: Andy Hart.

When the Lafayette County School Board met on Jan, 17, very few people who were surveyed attended the meeting. According to Ward, the discussion of the survey was never on the agenda, but was only an item of information. "It never came to a vote," he said.

The minutes of the School Board's meeting stated that Chairman Bobby Koon simply gave a report about the School Uniform Parent Survey to the other Board members. After discussing the report, the members of the School Board agreed that school uniforms were not needed at this time. They further agreed that the current dress code was sufficient and should be more strictly enforced. "I don't agree with uniforms and think that the principals need to go by the current dress code and enforce it," Ward said. The School Board also discussed and agreed that the dress code also applied to school sponsored events such as banquets and award ceremonies.

The Lafayette High School dress code in the student handbook lists 6 rules that all students of Lafayette High School must adhere to:

1. Shirts and tops must be long enough to be tucked in and cover the midriff area when arms are extended horizontally. The neck line of the shirt or top must be of moderate cut. No 'spaghetti strap' tops or 'see through' tops or shirts should be worn.

2. Shorts, skirts, dresses must be mid-thigh length. (Note: finger tips must not extend beyond bottom of shorts when held at side.)

3. Hats are not allowed on LHS campus. Hats will be confiscated.

4. Articles of clothing must be free of profanity, reference to controlled substance, reference to or endorsing political candidates, or inappropriate or suggestive remarks.

5. Articles of clothing should not be ragged or torn and should be worn in such a manner that underclothing is not exposed (i.e. sagging pants). Students may not wear articles of clothing intended to be sleepwear (i.e. pajamas).

6. Three Strike Policy for shorts and sagging pants: Students who are found to be in violation of the shorts length (see #2 above) will be given three warnings. After the third warning students will not be allowed to wear shorts for the remainder of the semester. Three instances of sagging pants will result in immediate disciplinary action.

When asked about whether he thought the issue of school uniforms would be raised again, Koon said that he did not believe it would be addressed again. "As far as the School Boards's concern, the issue is dead," he said.

The members of the Lafayette County School Board are Fred Ward, Superintendent; Henry McCray, Chairman; Johnny Reid; Andy Hart; and, Carolyn Land.

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