Two arrests were made by Lafayette County Sheriff's Office Drug Interdiction Unit that resulted in drug charges.

Donald Franklin Williams, 247 NW Kings Rd., Mayo was stopped for a traffic violation May 17 on CR 292 by Deputy Scott Hamlin. Hamlin was joined by Sheriff Carson McCall and Sgt. Lonny Hempstead and K-9 Paska who alerted the officers that drugs were present in Williams' Ford Mustang. Williams was arrested by Hamlin and charged with possession of cannabis (less than 20 grams) and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A second traffic stop on May 20 by Deputy Geoff Condy also resulted in a drug arrest. Condy made a routine traffic stop on a Ford truck on SR 20 near Alton Church of God.

The driver of the truck, Preston Patrick Quiles, 5520 Gunn Hwy. Apt. 1412, Tampa, Fl. consented to a search of his truck. Cannabis was found inside the truck.

Condy's report says Quiles was arrested and charged with possession of cannabis (under 20 grams) within 1000 ft of a place of worship.

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