Two Lafayette and two Suwannee County residents were arrested on felony drug charges May 20 after a two month investigation paid off for the Lafayette County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) when Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) officers spotted a vehicle on the May 19 near Land Cemetery Road (CR 360) in southeast Lafayette County. According to the Sheriff's office the area was under surveillance by the LCSO and (FWC). "Spotting the vehicle linked the suspect to the site of a methamphetamine lab. This lab was used to produce the highly toxic mixture that is produced from readily available items (cold tablets, coffee filters, lithium batteries, and anhydrous ammonia, etc.) that are purchased from the neighborhood store," Sheriff Carson McCall said. Reports say the lab was sealed off by the FWC and LCSO, then Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and Suwannee County Drug Task Force were called in to help dismantle the lab. McCall said the lab was kept secure throughout the night for safety reasons due to the fact that the lab is a volatile site that can explode at any time and must be handled with utmost care.

It was the next morning, May 20th, that deputies arrested Robert Bryon Mullins, 32, Mayo. This arrest lead to another Meth lab operating in Hatch Bend at 427 Appaloosa Rd. where Verlin Ray Sherrrell, 38, Jack Daniel McGee, Jr., 41 and Cassandra Y. McGee, 35, all with Branford addresses were arrested. The sheriff's report shows that cocaine was also found at the Hatch Bend lab. The third Meth lab was located in Suwannee County at Rt. 1 Box 978, O'Brien and was turned over to the Suwannee County Drug Task Force and FDLE.

Robert Mullins is being held at Lafayette County Detention Center charged with manufacture of methamphetamine, conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine, possession of methampetamine, trafficking of methampetamine/ possession of anhydrous ammonia. Jack and Cassandra McGee were charged with possession of cocaine and conspiracy to possess cocaine. They bonded out on May 21 on $5000 bonds. Verlon Sherrell (aka as Bam Bam) is charged with manufacture of methamphetamine/conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine/possession of methamphetamine/trafficking of methamphetamine and possession of anhydrous ammonia. Sherrell was released on $20,000 bond May 21.

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