Delores L. Walker

This year marks the 31st anniversary of EMS Week and brings another great opportunity to spotlight the ...Everyday Heroes in Lafayette County and throughout America.

From May 18 --24, the community is asked to recognize the Emergency Medical Services Teams that provide lifesaving care to those in need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Emergency Medical Services Teams consist of emergency medical technicians (EMT), paramedics, firefighters, emergency physicians, emergency nurses, educators, first responders, administrators, and others.

These teams serve our county with bravery and heroism and defend our Nation when called upon.

They are the ones that you look to when an emergency intrudes your life. Their quality emergency care dramatically improves the survival and recovery rate of those who experience sudden illness or injury.

The members of emergency medical services teams, whether career or volunteer, undergo thousands of hours of specialized training and continuing education to enhance their lifesaving skills.

The director of EMS for Lafayette County is John Bell. "The team in this county is providing excellent service to the community. Our goal is to save lives, always providing the best care possible," Bell said.

At the present the full-time EMS team is Sang (Elizabeth) Cranford and Cliff Hubert- Paramedics, Regina McCray, Carl McAffie and Tammie Jo Hempstead-EMTs. Working part-time is Ashley Newell, Jason Long, Will Hamlin, Frank Garrard, Lonny Hempstead, John Young, Leon Murphy, and Carolyn Robinson.

"By the end of the year Regina McCray and Tammie Jo Hempstead will receive their paramedic certification. We will have three paramedics, McCray, Hempstead and myself living in the county, a definite plus for our community," said Cranford.

In a proclamation signed by Governor Jeb Bush he states: "It is proper and timely to bring recognition to the value and accomplishments of such dedicated men and women. Americans benefit daily from the knowledge and skills of these highly trained individuals."

Lafayette County is fortunate to have three volunteer fire teams, Mayo, Hatch Bend and Day, to cover the extended area of the county.

James Lawson, Mayo Fire Chief said along with himself the volunteers in Mayo are Mark Lawson, Billy Robinson, Terry Hamlin, James Ward, Tommy Lawson, Bud Lawson, Mark Robinson, Donnie Taylor, Art Fletcher and Larry Fletcher. Also, said Lawson, the late Mr. Pete Sullivan served as the Mayo Fire Chief for several years, staying active as long as his health allowed.

The Hatch Bend Volunteer Fire Department has several members that are actively involved said Fire Chief Russ Harrison, as well as numerous others that help with equipment and participate as they are able. At the present time, the team consists of Harrison, Robert Vogel, Jimmy Ray Hill, Yvette Harrison, Billy George Dees, Greg Hill, Sam Cobean, Henry Garrison, Mark Dees, Jerry Webb, Mitchell Knight, Ronnie Jones, Tim Smoak, Joel Hill, Gary Hurst, and Dennis Starling.

Mr. Teford Pert heads up the Day Volunteer Fire Department. Volunteers are Gregory Bell, Hiram Bell, Calvin Bell, Ty Smith, Ted Hayes and Marvin Buchanan.

Bell and the EMS team are coming up on the one-year anniversary, (June) at the new EMS/Fire station located on SR 27 East. An open invitation is extended to the community to stop by and see the facility and transportation that is provided for those with emergency needs.

Everyday Heroes....that and more to those that have experienced their presence during some of the most traumatic times of life.... thank you one and all for being there.

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