A joint endeavor by local farmers produced a good crop of cucumbers in the Day community recently. The cukes were grown for Dean Foods, Inc., and will be used for pickling.

Combining their resources, Jimmy, Scott and Bryan Prine, Calvin Bell, Terry Folsom and Timmy Driver planted about 240 acres to produce this year's crop that was over within 60 days. During that time the farmers have harvested an abundant crop from the four to five times of picking.

When County Agent Chris Vann visited the facility near the Folsom and Prine Farms on SR53, Terry and Bryan told him the cool, wet spring had slowed the initial growth progress of the crop.

"But, once the growth started, it was all over very quickly," Prine said.

The men said they counted this a unique learning experience and said they were pleased with the product produced.

The process to ready the cucumbers for shipment led from the field where workers picked the cukes to the cucumber grading line where the conveyer sorted the cucumbers by size before they were packed and loaded on the transport trucks for deliver to the pickling plants.

Folsom said one of the biggest challenges they faced was labor.

"You have to gather the cucumbers at the peak time to get the size used for pickling or you will lose most of your crop," Folsom said.

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