A Live Oak woman has been sentenced to 18 months in prison following a 2007 arrest for selling crack cocaine to a Suwannee County Drug Task Force officer.

On March 23, Rosalind Denise Ketchum, 52, of Live Oak, was ordered to serve time in the Department of Corrections under violation of probation for breaking a previous plea agreement, according to court documents.

Back in November 2007, investigators conducting a controlled drug investigation at 1028 N.E. Davis Street when Ketchum, "(sold) crack cocaine to a drug task force operative," according to a sheriff's report.

Under her sentence, 52-year-old Ketchum will receive jail credit for time served, and is expected to undergo "proper medical treatment while in DOC."

In a separate case, 40-year-old Johnny Odom of White Springs was sentenced to 30 days (weekends) in Suwannee County Jail for charges of driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to a Jan. 1 sheriff's report, Odom was arrested after an officer found him asleep behind the wheel while sitting idle outside an S&S Food Store at CR 136 near I-75.

"I approached the vehicle and witnessed a white male with his feet on the dashboard laid back asleep," wrote officer Arthur Robinson in his report. "I tapped on the window very loudly several times calling out his name, Johnny."

On the fourth tap, Odom awakened and was asked why he was parked in the store's parking lot with his Ford running and lights on. A small puppy was found beside him in the vehicle, the report stated.

"Odom stepped out of the vehicle and left it running. I reached in to turn the vehicle off and noticed it was still in drive," the officer wrote. "The curb stopped the vehicle from going into the ditch."

Odom admitted to having drunk "six or seven beers" 30 minutes prior, and German imported whiskey was found in the truck's bed. A breathalyzer test showed a blood-alcohol reading of .172 and .183, far above the legal limit of .08. Odom failed a field sobriety test, and was taken into custody and transported to jail.

According to court documents, Odom pleaded guilty to DUI March 2. This was the fourth time he had been charged with drunk driving. In addition to his 30 day (weekend) sentence, his license was permanently revoked, he was ordered to attend DUI school and victim impact classes, and must pay over $2500 in court costs and fees.

In another DUI case, Imeldo Gomez Reyes, 27, of Lake Butler was sentenced to serve 10 weekend days for charges of reckless driving stemming from an incident back in February.

On Feb. 12, officers were advised that the driver of a red SUV had nearly caused a traffic accident among several drivers near US 90 west and CR 137 in Live Oak, according to a sheriff's report.

Deputies were told that the vehicle later pulled into the parking lot of the Rambling Rose bar on Helvenston Street.

Upon arrival, officers asked Reyes to exit the vehicle, but he refused and resisted. Officers forced him out of the vehicle and noted that he had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, according to the report.

Unable to stand, Reyes refused field sobriety exercises, and readings from a breath test displayed .202, .187, and .224, the report stated. Reyes was arrested and booked into jail.

As part of his sentence, Reyes was placed on 12 months' probation, and was ordered to attend DUI School and a victims' panel meeting, as well as undergo a substance abuse evaluation. In addition, his driving privileges were revoked for 5 years, and he was ordered to pay more than $2,500 in court cost and fees.

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