On Thursday, Jan. 17, the S&M Foodmart on Hatley Street in downtown Jasper was robbed at gunpoint, according to the Jasper Police Department (JAPD).

Reports show that on Thursday, Jan. 21 at approximately 7 p.m. the JAPD received a call that the S&M Foodmart had been robbed. An officer arrived on scene three minutes later and spoke with the store attendant.

According to officials, the attendant stated a light-skinned black male with a wide jawbone, about 5’6” and wearing a black hoodie, black beanie, sunglasses and a blue shirt had just robbed her at gunpoint. The attendant said the subject told her to give him all the money and to hurry numerous times while pointing a silver semi-automatic handgun at her face. She placed an undetermined amount of cash on the counter and the subject took the money and fled the scene, reports state.

The Department of Corrections canine unit was called to assist in locating the subject and they tracked him through numerous neighborhoods, but then the trail went dead on 107th and 38th Trail, according to JAPD.

The subject is still at large as the investigation continues.

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