Kudos to Jack Fry. Fry is the seven-year-old who speaks in front of his church congregation, and with such fervor. You wouldn’t think he just started speaking at his church. Especially after watching the YouTube video of him at First Baptist Church in Live Oak recently. Great job Jack. We’re sure your parents are proud.


T-ball season is here. As noted on the front page of the April 13 edition, opening day was held Saturday at the First Federal Sportsplex in Live Oak. If you haven’t been to the Sportsplex to watch the kids play, you should. It will put a smile on your face.


One state senator is proposing eliminating school board members’ salaries and just paying them $100 a meeting stipend, plus expenses. This could save Florida roughly $10 million. It’s true, we need to save money and cut back. We agree that school board salaries could be cut as well. Suwannee’s board members’ base salary was $26,512 last year. However, we don’t think their salary should be cut completely. There has to be a middle ground somewhere. School board members do more than just meet once or twice a month. They meet with teachers, parents, faculty, staff, principals - the list goes on. They also travel to meetings in other counties, and lobby for our schools in Tallahassee.


Check out today’s Sports section and you will find a story on Abram Anderson and Santiago Martinez. The two are headed to the Class 1A State Weightlifting meet this weekend in Kissimmee. Anderson placed second at last year’s Class 1A meet. But, as noted in the story, he’s not too happy with that. He and Martinez have been training together and have become more than friends. They are like brothers now.

Keep up the great ethics guys. Good luck in Kissimmee.


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