The Lafayette County Board of County Commissioners adopted a new privacy policy regarding medical issues at their Oct. 8 meeting.

Certain issues that were recently brought up at a county commissioner’s meeting regarding Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were not public record and should not have been discussed as they violate Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy laws, according to Lafayette County Emergency Medical Service Director Trevor Hicks.

Those issues that were discussed are protected under both state and federal laws, Hicks said, and are handled through an entirely different external process.

As such, the board adopted a new policy at their Oct. 8 meeting that states all issues of concern regarding EMS must be filed in writing to the physician medical director, who then has 30 days to provide a formal written response.

“At no time shall an issue involving medical quality assurance or improvement be discussed in any meeting of the board of county commissioners,” Attorney Leenette McMillan Fredriksson read from the policy. “Issues of concern can be delivered to the clerk of court located at the courthouse.”

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