Another year has come and gone and a bright new year awaits. Kind of like shedding a layer of clothing and putting a fresh set on. While rolling over to a new year isn’t dramatic and life still goes on as normal, it is nice to have some something to look forward to. 

With 2013 we can look forward to positive changes in our local city and county government with the new faces on the boards. Our Community Redevelopment Agency director seems to care about Live Oak and with the right motivation can be very beneficial to Live Oak’s redevelopment. 

We can look forward to an economy that will continue to get better. Rebuilding and repairing following TS Debby and making our streets and downtown area less prone to flood. 

We can look forward to helping our neighbors, in anyway possible.

We can be a little nicer, smile more and be more courteous. 

We wish to thank each and every one of you for reading our newspaper and for allowing us into your homes.

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