The Selby Is In Your Place

By Todd Selby

Hardcover, 256 pages ($35)

Get past the quirky title and take this colorful, delightfully quirky detour into the living spaces of more than 30 writers, musicians, artists, designers and other “creative types” whose sense of freewheeling style is certainly reflected in the places they call home! Wonderful, warmly inviting and sometimes way-out, Selby’s photos (the book is an extension of his popular website, will transport you into rooms, yards and other unique spaces all exploding with creativity, energy and personality. 

—Neil Pond, American Profile

Hard Rock Live

Bad Company

CD/DVD ($19.98)

Baby boomers will bask in the retro-rocking glow of this partially reunited supergroup, which came back together in 2008 for a rousing live performance of “Shooting Star,” “Bad Company,” “Can’t Get Enough,” “Rock ’n’ Roll Fantasy” and 13 other fist-pumping, classic-rock anthems that made Bad Company an FM-radio staple of the 1970s and ’80s. Paul Rogers, Simon Kirke and Mick Ralphs may look a little older on the DVD, but the CD packs a familiar sounding, reassuringly vintage wallop.

-Neil Pond, American Profile  

The Princess and the Frog

Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo Pack ($44.99)

Disney breaks the color barrier with the company’s first movie depiction of a non-white princess with this jazzy animated musical set in New Orleans. Released theatrically last year, the familiar story is given a new twist with a voodoo subplot, catchy swamp characters and a tasty, Oscar-nominated soundtrack gumbo from movie maestro Randy Newman. Extras include commentary, deleted scenes, an interactive Disney-princess game and eight featurettes.

—Neil Pond, American Profile

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