Prior to swearing-in Harry J. Pennington as Hamilton County's new Superintendent of Schools, County Judge John Peach made a personal observation, "I saw his enthusiasm and energy as a young educator and principal in Jennings many years ago. I see that same vitality today as Harry embarks on his new role as Superintendent of Schools. He was out at North Hamilton Elementary at seven this morning even prior to the official swearing-in ceremony."

Superintendent Pennington kept-up the pace throughout the remainder of his first day on the job.

NHE in the early morning hours - courthouse ceremony an hour later - followed by a visit to the 'backbone of the system' maintenance department immediately afterwards - trip to White Springs and South Hamilton Elementary - huddling with several county and local officials - on site at the high school - principal and teacher get-togethers - all in one whirlwind first day.

Pennington shared the spot-light Tuesday morning in the courthouse ceremonies, along with re-elected School Board members Lynn Roberson and Billy Simon. Simon was recently re-elected as District 3 representative, while Roberson was chosen to continue serving District 2.

Many well-wishers and community officials were in attendance during the courthouse swearing-in ceremony. Pennington addressed the crowd, "I sought the position (Superintendent) in the past and always wanted to serve the entire school system. I am now ready and prepared to do just that as your new Superintendent of Schools." Pennington then reached-out to the audience, "But I'll need and ask for your help, both in support and prayer. Together we can move forward for the children and the community."

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