Antonio Ed Boykins, 21, of 11198 NW 38th Dr., Jasper, has been charged with aggravated assault and armed robbery, according to Sergeant Michael Price of the Jasper Police Department.

At almost 10 p.m. last Friday, the two employees on duty at the Drive In Package Store, located at 502 W. Hatley St. in Jasper, were getting ready to close for the night. Then their usual routine was disrupted by a man, who entered the store and demanded money while holding what appeared to be a pencil in a threatening manner, according to the JPD offense report.

When Sgt. Price arrived at the store, one of the employees stated that the man threatened to stab her unless she gave him the money. She said that he then went behind the counter and began to hit the register with his fists in an attempt to open it.

According to the employee, when she activated the alarm and tried to call for help on her cell phone, the man began to chase her around the counter area with the pencil held in a threatening manner. She was able to get away and go outside the store.

As the man fled from the store, he grabbed two half-gallon bottles of whiskey, valued at approximately $40. According to the report, a search was made of the area but the officers were unable to locate the alleged robber.

Sgt. Price reviewed the tapes from the store's security system, which confirmed the employees' accounts of the robbery. Correctional officers at the Hamilton County Jail tentatively identified the suspect as Antonio Boykins from photos taken by surveillance cameras.

The officers composed a photo lineup of Boykins and five other men. The employee positively identified Boykins as the man who had threatened her and tried to open the register.

Boykins was arrested at his home on Monday and charged with aggravated assault, armed robbery and violation of probation. He is being held with no bond set.

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